The ultimate business phone and communications system delivered through our carefully selected channel partners.

Our Cloud based PBX fully integrates with your Microsoft Office 365 tools.

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Multiple ways to take calls and collaborate






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Cloud PBX Unified Communications with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business Integration. Use Desk and Mobile Phone, Tablet and PC integration to provide integrated voice email and video

SEE it,TRY it, BENEFIT from it.

How it Works

Lower your costs and improve your productivity with Qunifi OneVoice - the new generation of voice and unified communications technology.


No longer tied to your desk with Qunifi OneVoice your phone follows you everywhere always in contact always able to respond gain the advantage against competitors that aren’t as well connected.

Easy setup

With easy set up and configuration Qunifi OneVoice configuration settings can be changed in seconds and support just a click away.

Integrated solution

One integrated solution delivers rich functionality that is easy to configure use and manage. You can view a demonstration video here soon.


Qunifi OneVoice is hosted in the cloud providing rapid installation, no upfront infrastructure costs resilience and continuous upgrade.


  • A fully featured business PBX
  • Voicemail and advanced call distribution
  • Fully resilient Cloud infrastructure
  • Full business support
  • Use low cost SIP handsets & softphones
  • Bring your existing numbers

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  • Works across all devices
  • Hold meetings with internal and dialled-in users
  • Dial-in and dial-out from your PC
  • Use Skype for Business as your phone

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Pricing and Plans

Qunifi's advanced technology and nonstop infrastructure provides you with an integrated communications system with best in class functionality, quality and reliability choose a plan that is right for you and your business.

Our accredited partners will provide

  • System activation
  • Online and telephone support
  • Remote configuration of handsets
  • Demonstration and training
  • Managing configuration changes


Our entry level product provides tremendous value with upgrade to other plans easily available


Our all-star package product provides tremendous value with integrated Skype for Business and round the clock support
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A range of affordable handsets approved to operate with Qunifi OneVoice and link into our automated provisioning system


What Office 365 subscription is required for OneVoice Platinum?

To use Skype for Business for telephony, an Office 365 Skype for Business subscription supporting Cloud PBX add-on is required such as:
• Skype for Business Online Plan 2
• Enterprise E3
• Enterprise E5

The Office Cloud PBX add-on is required in addition to the above subscription in order to use OneVoice Platinum

Do I get free deskphones?

To be blunt, no. Don’t be fooled by the “ free phones ” option that other providers promise. They will lock you in to multiple contracts for services that may not be competitive. You end up paying for them believe us; you just pay for them in a different way. At Qunifi we believe in offering choice and the huge benefits that software driven communications can bring your organisation. “Millennials” and “General X” users want the freedom to communicate in a way that is familiar to them. They don’t want to be tied to a bit of plastic on their desk. So no, we don’t offer free handsets but what we do offer is a fantastic solution that will meet the needs of your company – presently and in the future! You pay for what you get; with Qunifi there are no hidden costs, no hidden terms, no hidden pitfalls, no hidden surprises

How does Qunifi OneVoice compare to the competition?

Unlike other cloud solutions, Qunifi OneVoice offers you both choice and flexibility without increasing the pricing for what are considered everyday services such as Voicemail, Auto-Attendants, Conferencing and Voice Recording.

One of the key differentiators though is the integration Qunifi OneVoice offers with Microsoft.  As you search through the reams of documentation posted by telecoms vendors, you will see the words “Integration” and “Microsoft” all used within the same sentence. Don’t be fooled though; most of this integration requires you to load plugins, use different apps on your phones and ultimately compromise your experience to fit into their roadmap.  With our solution, there is no compromise; if you use Skype for Business then you can use it as the endpoint anywhere and in any way.  If you want a mix of Skype and standard voice licences then you can do that.

We have used our wealth of industry knowledge and our close relationships with end users to create a product that works for them; regardless of the vendor’s roadmap.  So, how does Qunfi OneVoice compare to the competition?  There really is no comparison and more importantly there is no compromise.

Do you provide Qunifi OneVoice support?

Your monthly subscription not only includes a competition-beating solution but also provides you with world class Qunifi OneVoice support; ranging from self-serve documentation, videos, help guides, customer / partner portal to the availability of a fully accredited service desk.

Qunifi employs the best and has some of the most highly skilled engineers and service desk teams in the UK so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that you do experience a problem we will resolve it swiftly.

How do I set up the system?

It’s easy to provision & set up OneVoice.  When your order is placed, you will be provided with details of your organisation’s Qunifi account details enabling you to login to the Qunifi OneVoice portal. It is then a simple case of logging in, creating the users, creating the call paths and away you go. Qunifi have taken the lead in the market place by including multiple features as standard. Features, that many other vendors charge a premium for, so you can tailor the service to your specific requirements.  With Qunifi OneVoice you don’t have to compromise to fit around a limited range of features.

Can and how do I terminate my Qunifi OneVoice service?

We are so confident in our solution that we feel you won’t want to leave us! Qunifi OneVoice however follows best practices when it comes to monthly subscription billing. Qunifi OneVoice is a true consumption based model you only pay for what you use, and only pay for the number of users using it.  Simple.  If you want to leave us then give us a ring; if there is an issue motivating you to leave then we will always take the opportunity to offer to resolve it, if not just for you but for others.

Will my organisation experience service disruption?

Qunifi OneVoice is built on a solid foundation that is both resilient and robust.  We have multiple hardware and software platforms to ensure that the service is always up and running.  This ensures Qunifi provides 100% up time for all our customers.  We use the latest industry technologies and have built our solution to ensure there is NO single point of failure.  Everything is duplicated, backed up, and employing geo-location redundancy.  Rest assured, in the event of any service disruption to one of our systems, there is always a second system to take its place in a seamless transition.

How will migration work?

Migration is simple!  Place the order with us and we will take care of the rest. As a minimum, if you have an internet connection you can use Qunifi OneVoice.  If you have purchased the Qunifi desk phones, then they are self-provisioning.  Unpack them from their box, plug them in and they will do the rest.

What assistance can I get with installation?

The beauty of Qunifi OneVoice is that there is no installation. There is no bulky hardware that requires installation, configuration and maintenance on your premises.

For Partners, Qunifi offers full pre / post-sales support.  If you need help configuring or implementing features for your customers, then let us know.  We have fantastic packages available to assist you.  The packages allow our partners to utilise the skilled engineering resources within Qunifi while they find their feet with the new solution.  We can offer packages such as “Qunifi bulk of hours”, a professional services package, where partners purchase time from Qunifi to use as their own internal engineering resource on a as and when they require it.

If I elect for a free trial will my card be charged?

Of course not, it wouldn’t be free otherwise.  We are so confident though that you will see the benefits of Qunifi OneVoice that you will transition from the free trial to become a subscribed user.

What is the financial commitment to use Qunifi OneVoice?

Like other vendors we offer 12, 36 and 48 month contracts.  Billing is performed monthly and is transparent so are able to predict and control your monthly spend.

What is a telephone system that is cloud based?

This one is simple. A cloud based telephone system means that you do not have any technology on your site that you have maintain and manage. Think of it like this. You have a water well in your garden that you own. You got it a few years back and were pleased as punch. It fitted your needs exactly. Every day you manage the well; you go and collect water from your well every single day.  You put aside time every day/week/month to maintain your well. When you got it, it did exactly what was required but now some years later you find that you are using more water, have more people in your house and it doesn’t quite work for you without compromise.  Someone then comes to you and says – “Would be easier if I delivered water to your house for you.? I can deliver all the water you need without you having to manage your well?  I can manage your well, the pipes to your house and ensure that you always have water when you need it.  All you need to worry about is the tap that it comes out of.”

That is what cloud-based telephony is.  We will manage the well, the pipes and ensure that you always have water.  But in our case, we would manage the telephony, the connection and always ensure you have communications.


One Voice delivers a completely integrated cloud phone and unified communications system that Qunifi partners can provide their customers with ease and reassurance.  If you deliver Microsoft-centric solutions or primarily sell voice systems but wish to be able to order your customers a Microsoft integrated proposition then Qunifi OneVoice is the logical choice, in fact it's your only choice.
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Rapid partner onboarding with a tremendous commission structure
  • Managed Services service wrap to increase value to your customs