Microsoft Integration

This is where Qunifi OneVoice comes into its own.  Unlike other manufactures, Qunifi OneVoice can FULLY integrate with Microsoft’s Office365 Skype for Business online solution.  We are completely unique in this respect.  When we say we integrate, we mean integrate.  You can use Exchange Online to provide Unified Messaging, and Skype for Business as your everyday user endpoint; whether that is on the desktop, on your mobile, or both.  There are no plugins required, no integration software to be loaded on your site - It just works.  We have developed this service to specifically integrate with Microsoft’s Office365 products suite.  So if you already have Office365 or have a strategy to adopt Office365, then Qunifi OneVoice is the best option for a fully integrated voice solution. But how does this differ from Cloud PBX from Microsoft?  Well, with Qunifi OneVoice we can offer you choices.  With CloudPBX from Microsoft, you are all in; every user in your organisation has to have it.  With Qunifi OneVoice, you can decide who needs to be integrated and who does not?  The employees in the warehouse, for example, may not need to have a fully integrated Skype for Business solution but your sales might.  So you are in control of which employees receive a fully Skype integrated service and who receives a more fixed handset type service.