Qunifi delivers a new generation and category of product:  UC & IOT

The Step Change

If you use on-premise or first generation cloud telephony then you could be frustrated by high ongoing costs, limited functionality and poor or non-existent line-of-business (LoB) application integration.


When you engage with one of our partners you will find out about the new world delivered by Qunifi.

Qunifi is a vendor of a new category of disruptive technology. Our One platform provides integration of IoT, UC and LoB applications delivering rich functionality our competitors can only dream of.

Open the world of people to machine communications working with our partners creating applications that improve customer experience, reduce costs and enhance employee efficiency. .

Microsoft Integration

Skype for Business and MS Teams includes calling capabilities found on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Qunifi integration is an add-on to the Phone System in Office 365 that allow you to search for, acquire, and assign phone numbers to users in your organization so that they can make calls to and receive calls from people inside and outside of the organization, directly from Office 365.


Users who are assigned phone numbers can make voice calls across all Skype for Business or MS Teams devices, including VoIP phones, PCs, and mobile devices. They also can control their calls through mute/unmute, hold/resume, call transfers, and call forwarding features, and if necessary, make emergency calls.

Customer Service

IoT and UC Integration

Easy. Fast. Secure.

UC is a relatively mature technology that uses real-time communication to help people collaborate. Compared to UC, the IoT is new and has focused on connecting, controlling, receiving and utilizing information from devices via the Internet. One technology deals with people, the other with devices.It makes sense to bring these together. The One platform connects these two technologies delivering applications that take on an entirely new level of functionality, delivering advanced user, customer and operator experience that is prohibitive from non-connected IoT enabled platforms. 


IoT data can help businesses streamline workflows and optimize staffing levels to maximize productivity and efficiency. Data collected from IoT devices can show how problems can be prevented proactively rather than being addressed after they happen. At the organizational level, assets can be monitored in real time to optimize service and maintenance and delay replacement.

Industry 4.0 factory IoT integration AI

Easy to Configure & manage

Low-code development enables the rapid delivery of business applications

Minimal coding is required with user-friendly, visual, drag-and-drop functionality enabling the rapid construction of applications moving from customer requirement to application almost immediately. The ability to rapidly deliver applications in collaboration with business users increases the strategic impact of project.

It's possible to create in real-time unique application scenarios, adapting quickly to evolving market conditions, customer expectations and new technologies.

The ability to construct applications a Low-code approach is the only scalable method that will deliver a realizable value proposition, displacing the market share of older generation technologies.

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