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Deliver innovative connected applications.

UC is a relatively mature technology that uses real-time communication to help people collaborate. Compared to UC, the IoT is new and has focused on connecting, controlling, receiving and utilizing information from devices via the Internet. One technology deals with people, the other with devices.
It makes sense to bring these together. The One platform connects these two technologies delivering applications that take on an entirely new level of functionality, delivering advanced user, customer and operator experience that is prohibitive from non-connected IoT enabled platforms. 
IoT data can help businesses streamline workflows and optimize staffing levels to maximize productivity and efficiency. Data collected from IoT devices can show how problems can be prevented proactively rather than being addressed after they happen. At the organizational level, assets can be monitored in real time to optimize service and maintenance and delay replacement.

Qunifi's IoT Orchestration

A new and innovative cloud service

Server Installation

Industrial Applications

Qunifi's IoT orchestration platform is based upon technology from Microsoft and IBM. This delivers a robust platform that is well supported by all leading IoT device and service vendors.

We've taken these elements and industrialised them into a Cloud service that's easy for you to use.

Network Hub and Cable

High Availability

The Qunifi IoT Orchestration platfrom is built for High Availability mission critical applications. Combining Qunifi's data centre infrastructure with Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT Cloud, delivers scalable global reach with enterprise grade reliability.

The platform is multi-tenant meaning you benefit from our extensive platform investment and have access to a truly enterprise architecture but only pay for the resources you use.

Air Compressors

Extensive Device Support

'Things' are and important part of IoT and so the Qunifi IoT Orchestration platform is equipped with a vast library of devices and services to build custom application for customers.

Of course integration with the Qunfi OneVoice platform and One App are ready built in the IoT library, ready to provide the UC and IoT connectivity for unique customer applications.

Low-Code IoT Application Design

Not Rocket Science

A visual IoT editor allows the orchestration of IoT devices, cloud services, social media and data sources.


This interface uses a toolkit of ‘nodes’ several of which are inherited from the PBX to provide the interconnect between IoT and UC. The use of industry-standard node methodology aids rapid development, without specialist knowledge, and includes of a wide range of pre-engineered IoT compatible node modules.

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