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Qunifi Mobile App

Connect people to your UC and IOT environment.

The mobile Qunifi One App has three objectives:

  1. Enable communication with other people

  2. Receive and use information from other devices and systems

  3. Control devices and systems

The Qunifi One App smartphone app will shortly be released as a fully featured softphone. The functionality roadmap will provide capabilities that can be deployed into numerous One App smart applications.


We've described a few of the applications that we are working on below, these really bring to life the benefits of IoT and UC integration. 

One App - Meet

The Meet app has several uses, including customers and staff of a serviced office or business lounge, or even staff in a multi-site enterprise managing employees and visitors to a site’s meeting facilities.
•    The switchboard operator can see whether the requested user is on-site, in another of the company’s offices or off-site.
•    Hotdesking: route incoming calls to any handset by tapping the mobile phone against a handset. Automatically cease hotdesking when the user leaves the area.
•    Admin staff can see whether meeting rooms are occupied using sensors in the rooms
•    Users who need an impromptu meeting room or hot desk can be allocated one that is not currently occupied. If there are none available, then they can join a virtual queue for the next available one.

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